Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mock Apple Pie

Mock Apple Pie is an Apple Pie without any Apples in it at all. I know, strange, but true. You use crackers, water, sugar, lemons and cinnamon. That's it. And oddly enough, it DOES taste like Apple Pie.
What an interesting concept. Apparently this was something Pioneers made while moving across the Praries when Apples were scarce. I had heard it came about during WWII, but I think what that means is that's when Ritz Crackers put the recipie on the box. Which, as far as the marketing department is concerned, I'm sure is the same thing. And, as Jeff pointed out, Apples weren't really something on the rationed list.
But I found this letter from Henderson, TX that has a Mock Apple Pie recipie. It's dated 1858. I put the whole letter in here 'cause it cracks me up and sounds like something I would send.
Henderson Texas April 4th 1858
Dear Bet
I received your kind letter a few days ago, and haveing (sic) nothing else
to do this evening I concluded to write you a few lines, provided I don't get to (sic)
Lazy to finish. There is no news here of interest. Minnie has been home and staid
(sic) a week Josephus Ray has got the measels (sic) we will all have it. I am very
sorry for I dread it. Jake continues to get worse, the dr says he can't cure him, he is
a great deal of trouble it makes me very sorry to look at him he is swelled so bad. my
garden is very poor Well Bet I believe I am getting almost to (sic) lazy to finish my
letter Helen R. report says is to be married soon to Mr Fish. I never see her now she
has never been here since you left Bet you must excuse this short letter and write soon
give my love to all tell Jinny and Priss to write to me tell Ma I have never got the wool.
I don't expect Mr Lewis has ever tried to find out where it is. I am very sorry I did not
get it I wish I could get it. good by Bet. Write soon Your etc
Sue Smith

Bet I have learned to make a new kind of Pie I think you all would like them they taste just
like an apple pie make some and try them see if you dont love them.
Take a teaspoon heaping full of tartarlic (sic) acid and dissolve it in water a teasp (sic) full
of sugar and stir it in the acid then take cold biscuit or light bread and crumble in it. have
enough to make to (sic) pies put it in a crust and one over it and bake it they are fully as
good as Apple pies the spoonful of acid and cup of sugar is enough to make two pies
So how did it taste? I put a little too much lemon juice in there, so it had a nice lemony tang, but next time I'll cut back a bit. I kinda wanted a substantial bite, but crackers get soggy when soaked in liquid, so no bite there. But it was really good, and held up pretty well. Besides, I liked not having to peel and core a peck of apples.