Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Cherry Pie

Happy 4th of July! It just isn't the 4th of July without a Cherry Pie. They're in season, and people just ooze when they see you walk into a party with baked goods! We partied down at Matt Schwartz's house and he cooked up a storm. At first we were upset because there was all this food and only a handful of people. But the 6 of us completely annihalated the 2 Beer Can Chickens, Blue Cheese Hamburgers, and Whole Fish Steamed in a Meringue Crust that all of us had a hand in whipping! We whipped it good!

There was a varied outcome on this. Some people thought it was too tart, others thought it was perfect. I used Dried Orange Cranberries instead of dried Cherries, and I thought it gave it a wonderful flavor without making it too tart. Though this pie deffinately needed Vanilla Ice Cream.

Molly and I decorated the top of the pie with a beautiful lattice crust and a great looking Cherry design. She did a beautiful job decorating it! Maybe she'll be awesome and post the pic she took!

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