Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pear Jalepeno Jelly Pie

I saw this in a recipie book, which I bought on the spot. I was so intrigued by the combination of the two I couldn't contain myself until I got home and started baking. I even bought a new pie plate in the honor of the new book.

I took it to a Kelly & Christine BBQ along with the Blackberry-Peach Pie. This won for the evening. I wouldn't tell anyone what was in it. I was afraid that they wouldn't try it if they knew it had anything "Odd" in it. And boy was I right. Thankfully they aren't close-minded friends, and so far this remains many of their favorites.


Molly said...

The idea of a Pear Pie concerned me a lot with flashbacks to awkward moments with Juicy Pear Jelly Bellies - but the first bite melted away any and all doubts. With a flavor and texture quite similar to the American Favorite and the addition of a slightly carmel-y flavor and a cool green color this pie is Fan-fucking-tastic!

(on a side note - once I know this mystery ingredient I may hate this pie. Not definitly, but it could happen.)

Kelly said...

I had one bite of the Pear Pie and loved it! I'm waiting until I'm more hungry to eat full pieces so I'll appreciate it more. I love that Andrea aka "Crazy Pie Lady" LOVES to make pies!