Friday, August 10, 2007

Blackberry Peach Pie....... by Mail!!

So after awhile of hearing all about my Pie Escapades my family has started to ask when I'm going to start sending them some. Well, there are many good things about living in California. The weather, the people, the fresh fruit (for pies). But living in Cali is not that great when your entire family is located on the other side of the country. But after tons of questions, suggestions on FedEx and finally begging, I gave in. It was a special occassion afterall.

So in honor of the Best Daddy in the Whole World being born I decided to ship a pie. I went with the Blackberry-Peach Double Crust Pie. My personal favorite. I wrapped it as tightly as I could with saran wrap, and then packed it with a bunch of Bubble wrap. Hopefully it will still be in one piece instead of Cobbler when he gets it. We shall see.

I wonder though if I should have sent a Frozen Pie and then given instructions on how to bake it. I didn't include a cool pack or anything. I thought that keeping it at room temp would probably be the best. And if it got heated in the trucks on the way, that wouldn't be so bad. But he did get morning delivery, so it shouldn't be that bad.

Any thoughts?


Bear said...

It tasted fantastic and what a incredible Birthday Present. The combination of fruit flavors along with the right amount of sweetness yielded an outstanding desert. Actually, we also had it for breakfast the next morning and it was perfect.

For an inveterate ice cream and whipping cream lover, this pie needed niether. The juice absorbed most of the top and bottom crusts, but you could still tell it was a pie. With a little tweaking of logistics, everyone coast to coast will be able to enjoy the Crazy Pie Ladies creations.

KarenintheKitchen said...

Hey Pie Lady,

Just wondering what the pie looked like when it arrived. I have been baking and giving away pies for about 150+ days and have sent several cross country but I have stayed with a "brownie" pie because I have been worried about the "smush" factor. Have you mailed any other pies?
You can see what I've been doing at